Our Process:

The primary goal of Arima Health’s Integrated Sleep Care Management platform includes integrating the traditionally fragmented sleep care delivery model into a seamless process. Our Sleep Program initiates targeted assessment of at-risk patients, implements validated sleep testing algorithms, and tailors sleep therapy along with associated long-term management. Our evidence-based clinical process increases patient engagement, while our management systems quantifiably improve clinical and financial outcomes.


We position our proprietary sleep inventory and employ evidence-based algorithms to identify patients at risk for sleep disorders. Our patient outreach campaigns are designed to increase awareness and understanding of sleep related healthcare to target populations.


Our specialty-trained sleep care professional network interprets the diagnostic testing of those identified as at-risk. The clinical and technical information obtained guides appropriate therapy.


Our treatment protocols incorporate state-of-the-art technology to maximize treatment adherence. Our program management model enables highly skilled sleep care professionals to refine clinical pathways in a controlled setting.


Our platform is built upon exceptional follow-up and data acquisition. Long-term engagement in therapy is proven to yield better outcomes and increase overall benefit for patients.