Our Company

Arima Health is the company of choice for clients that include:

Established in 2012, we draw from decades of experience to deliver solutions that address the sleep health needs of the people we serve. We understand the impact of sleep on health, productivity, and total healthcare costs.

We have gained our experience in sleep health innovation by:

We are positioned and committed to providing innovative, flexible, results-oriented services tailored to address the unique cultures of our clients and the individuals we serve.

Our Industry

The sleep care industry continues to be increasingly fragmented. Diagnostic testing, clinical care, and sleep therapy are expensive and often mutually exclusive. Undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea is proven to have serious effects on health.  Research correlates poor sleep health with problems in:

Physical Health

Behavioral Health

Our Mission

We help people sleep better to live better.

Our Vision

We provide exceptional sleep health care to patients and partners.

Our Values